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This event will be hosted by Palisade Global Investments and its portfolio companies – Triumph Gold Corp. and Mexican Gold Corp.

Triumph Gold CorpMexican Gold Corp.Northern Vertex Mining Corp

A Secret Meeting at the Jekyll Island Club…

In 1910, a secret meeting took place on a remote island off the coast of Georgia with far reaching implications that would alter the course of history. Over a week in November, eight men representing 75% of the world’s wealth boarded a train in New Jersey under the guise of fake identities, bound for Georgia. The cast of characters including names like Rockefeller and Morgan were as shady as they were famous.

The next morning, they arrived on Jekyll Island, an upscale resort community, nestled along the Georgia coast. There, they spent one week, dining, golfing, and assembling one of the biggest coups the world would ever see. Their most perplexing challenge – convincing Congress and the Public that this soon to be cartel owned by banks was an agency of the United States Government. The result was the creation of the Federal Reserve and the privatization of the U.S. Dollar.

Join us on an Adventure back in Time…

Today, Jekyll Island is a beautiful resort town, replete with beaches, golfing, and summer fun. To most unwitting visitors, the island’s shady past and its spot in history is the stuff of undreamed-of folklore. For precious metals investors, the shadowy characters and events that took place that week provide the perfect backdrop for our next exclusive event!

We invite you to apply to be a part of the Hard Asset Conference on Jekyll Island! Join the Palisade team and network for a weekend of networking and learning at the very hotel AND in the very room where the Federal Reserve Act was authored.

Joining us will be billionaire resource investor Eric Sprott. With over 40 years of experience in the investment industry, Mr. Sprott is regarded as one of the most successful investors and fund managers in the natural resource space.

(Eric Sprott, Resource Investor)

But that is not all! We have also secured G. Edward Griffin as a keynote address. Mr. Griffin is the author of The Creature From Jekyll Island, the book that peeled back the lid that uncovered the secrecy of this very event.. He is the foremost expert on the creation of the Federal Reserve and the secret meeting that took place at the Jekyll Island Club.

(G. Edward Griffin, Author, The Creature From Jekyll Island)

Book cover of The Creature From Jekyll Island by Dr. Edward Griffin

“The secret meeting on Jekyll Island in Georgia at which the Federal Reserve was conceived; the birth of banking a cartel to protect its members from competition; the strategy of how to convince Congress and the public that this cartel was an agency of the United States government.” – The Creature From Jekyll Island

Remarkably, since the creation of the Federal Reserve, the US Dollar has lost 98% of its value. This is no mistake, but rather was intended from inception. The privatization of the monetary policy under the guise of a government agency paved the way for the importance of ‘hard assets’ and its part in protecting wealth.

The Hard Asset Conference on Jekyll Island will be held at The Jekyll Island Club Resort from October 19-22, 2017

Join The Palisade Global Team for an Unforgettable Weekend…

Since its inception in 2013, Palisade Global Investments has been one of the most active investment companies in the resource space. Through our investing, networking, and media channels, we have garnered a significant and active following. This conference will be held to bring together the brightest minds in the resource space, where lifelong business relationships and friendships will be forged.

Of course, no resource conference would be complete without our favourite resource companies. Joining us will be Palisade’s two largest positions – Triumph Gold Corp. (TSX-V:TIG) and Mexican Gold Corp. (TSX-V:MEX)

Triumph Gold Corp.Mexican Gold Corp.Northern Vertex Mining Corp

o    Our speakers are the ‘talking heads’ of the resource sector, and put their money where their mouths are. They are industry experts, fund managers, and mining veterans who have been serially successful, and whose opinions are respected and valued.

o     Our companies are the cream of the crop, and have been vetted rigorously by the Palisade Global Team. These companies have world-class projects with even better management teams. An invite from us means we know the story and are confident in placing our name next to theirs.

o    Our attendees are high net worth, accredited, or institutional investors who are curious and diligent in their investment process. They believe in the fundamentals of the resource and precious metals space, and are always looking for investment opportunities.

We have been planning this event for over a year, and we guarantee the calibre of speakers, companies, and investors attending will be unmatched!

The costs are heavily subsidized thanks to our great sponsors. All food, travel from the airport, and accommodations are covered. Fly to Savannah or Jacksonville Airport and the rest is taken care of!

Space will be limited to just 50 participants. Many of those spots are reserved for our close network, meaning few spots remain. If you are interested in coming, apply early. You must be accredited and willing to have a phone interview with a member of the Palisade Team to receive a formal invitation.

Your Hosts

Sean Zubick
Sean Zubick – Sean Zubick has built a vast international network in the capital markets, and has raised over $600 million in term sheets for Palisade’s portfolio of companies. Sean’s knowledge and base extends to a wide array of sectors.
Collin Kettell
Collin Kettell – Collin Kettell is a private investor with a successful investment background in mining & energy. He comes from a family with deep ties to mining, including the discovery of the Long Canyon deposit, which was ultimately sold to Newmont Mining for $2.2 billion


Key Note – Eric Sprott
G. Edward Griffin
Matt Geiger
Matt Geiger
Dave Zook
Dave Zook


Triumph Gold – Triumph Gold is Palisade’s largest position and is the owner of the Freegold Mountain Project in the Yukon, which hosts 6 million gold equivalent ounces. Goldcorp recently bought 19.99% of the company. A vast drill program is underway at the project beginning this summer to delineate high grade zones of mineralization.

Mexican Gold – Palisade Global is the largest shareholder of Mexican Gold Corp., owning roughly 16% of the issued and outstanding shares. Mexican Gold is advancing their Las Minas project towards a maiden resource and believes it hosts a high grade, multi-million ounce, at surface gold deposit.

Northern Vertex Mining – Northern Vertex is approaching first pour at their Moss Mine in northern Arizona, set to become America’s next gold mine! The company anticipates production of 42,000 ounces per year ongoing.

Others TBA

The Details

o The purchase of your ticket will include access to the conference, including all presentations, meet and greet sessions, evening cocktail receptions, breakfast and lunch buffets, plated dinners, and Palisade’s inaugural golf tournament on Saturday.

o Attendees are responsible for their own airfare and should fly into Jacksonville Airport in Florida or Savannah Airport in Georgia

Dates / Location / Times

o Dates: Thursday, October 19 – Sunday, October 22, 2017

o Location: The Jekyll Island Club Resort, 371 Riverview Drive, Jekyll Island, GA 31527

o Times: Guests will arrive Thursday evening to check-in and for cocktails and dinner. The conference will go all day Friday to Saturday. Guests will leave Sunday morning after breakfast and final announcements.


Thursday, October 19

Guests to arrive by 5pm EST into either Savannah, GA or Jacksonville, FL airports; shuttles and picks ups provided
6:00 PM – Welcome cocktails, meet and greet
7:00 PM – Welcome plated dinner (Crane Cottage)
8:30 PM – Drinks and socializing

Friday, October 20

8:00 AM – Breakfast Buffet
9:00 AM – Conference room (Club Ballroom)
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Speakers
1:00 PM – Lunch Buffet (Federal Reserve/Aldrich Room)
2:00 PM – Conference room for afternoon speakers
4:00 PM – Two hour opening to relax and network
6:00 PM Drinks
7:00 PM Plated dinner

Saturday, October 21

7:00 AM – Plated Breakfast
8:00 AM – Golf Tournament
1:30 PM – Lunch Buffet
Afternoon spent at the pool/time to relax
6:00 PM – Drinks
7:00 PM – Plated Dinner (Federal Reserve Room)
8:30 PM – Open bar

Sunday, October 22

8:00 AM – Breakfast Buffet, Final announcements and goodbyes (Club Ballroom)
Shuttle or private cars provided to bring people to airport to catch flights

If you are interested in applying, just click the button below and fill in your details. Many of the attendees for this conference were able to join us on Ambergris Caye for our event in February. They will tell you that it was the most fun they have had in a long time. We are going to make sure that this event is even better! We hope to see you there.

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